How today’s communities plan for tomorrow’s hazards.

Your community can accomplish more with Forerunner

Save time

Forerunner was designed to simplify workflows and save your municipality time.

Increase resilience

Our product makes it easier to plan activities that reduce the impacts of flooding.

Reduce premiums

Participating and excelling in FEMA's CRS program is easier with Forerunner.

For your community

A modern Flood Information Center

An informative flood website is at the heart of every great public outreach program. Our Flood Information Center enables you to connect directly with residents, educate them on risks, and manage requests for assistance.

Relevant CRS Activities:

  • 320 Map Information Services
  • 350 Flood Protection Information
  • 360 Flood Protection Assistance
Flood Information Website Image

For your Municipality

Your floodplain intelligence platform

Our platform extract's your Elevation Certificate data at scale, maps it, and delivers it to you on your terms. Use our tools to aggregate and identify patterns for buildings at risk in your community.

Relevant CRS Activities:

  • 310 Elevation Certificates
  • 320 Map Information Services
  • 440 Flood Data Maintenance
Flood Information Website Image

Forerunner is modern software for municipal governments

No installation

Our product is cloud-based and doesn’t require installation. Get started on your favorite browser.

No seat limits

Your license covers everyone in your organization, so your entire CRS team can utilize Forerunner.

No stale software

We constantly improve Forerunner. Automatic updates mean you always have the latest version.

Ready to use Forerunner in your community?

Forerunner is the best software for running your floodplain management and CRS programs.