Your Community’s Flood Resilience Platform

Accomplish More with Forerunner

Save Time

Forerunner was designed to simplify workflows and save your municipality time.

Increase Resilience

Our product makes it easier to plan activities that reduce the impacts of flooding.

Reduce Premiums

Participating and excelling in FEMA's CRS program is easier with Forerunner.

For Government Agencies

Your Floodplain Intelligence Tool

Our Gov. Agency application unlocks your local datasets and combines them with simple, but powerful, GIS mapping.

Image of Government Dashboard

For Residents

More Effective Risk Communication

Our Resident app syncs important floodplain data and documents, driving engagement with the public.

Image of resident app
Community Rating System

Reduce Your Community’s NFIP Insurance Costs

We build our product with FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) in mind, faciliating or attaining credit for communities within several activities and sub-elements.

  • Activity 310

    Elevation Certificates

  • Activity 320

    Map Information Service

  • Activity 360

    Flood Protection Assistance

  • Activity 440

    Flood Data Maintenance

  • Activity 440

    Flood Data Maintenance

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We help you better understand, plan for, and communicate flood risk.